Sutra is a growing, global eco-system of relational spaces. The Co-Creator Collective is the foundation and life force behind this work. It’s where the community of creators behind those spaces connect to truly be in service of each other.

We are a dynamic, intimate community of creators that come together to support each other’s growth and success. We convene weekly over Zoom and on Sutra to explore how we can activate, grow, and sustain a thriving ecosystem of heart centered creators in support of meaningful impact and global transformation.

We’re committed to bringing people together in ways that generate presence, meaningful connection, and mutual understanding. We engage in wisdom and experience sharing, support each other’s growth as creators with circles focused on specific challenges that arise on the creation journey, and engage speakers to share the wisdom of their experience. You’ll find collaborators, sounding boards, and other resources generously offered by your fellow creators via our Offers and Needs exchange. You’ll also get to learn new facilitation and presencing techniques to enrich your guided experience. And, of course, you'll get opportunities to engage in joyful play. All within a loving, mutually-supportive container.

We meet on zoom every Wednesday at 12pm EST and are continually stepping into and discovering the possibility of what this network can offer.

Anyone who has a paid subscription to the Sutra platform is welcome to join us. We're committed to supporting your success.